College Track Star Commits Suicide

The latest news article that has been floating around social media lately is one that involves a college track star that committed suicide because of stress. Madison Holleran, 19, from Allendale, NJ was said to be very “well-liked” and involved in sports. She attended the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and was on the track team there.

Holleran’s father said that the cause of Madison’s suicide was the intense pressure and stress that UPenn put on Madison.

Holleran was found dead at the scene, apparently from jumping off a Philadelphia parking garage, at around 7 p.m. last Friday, Jan. 17.

Many articles were written about Madison Holleran’s suicide and they all seemed to write about her in the same way. They all seemed to be shocked by her suicide just because she was “attractive” and “well-liked”. The comments show that other people saw this aspect, too.

One of the articles about Holleran’s suicide on BuzzFeed had a top comment by Jessica Hanson that said, “This is tragic, but why it is always conveyed as MORE tragic if a young, beautiful girl has mental health issues. ‘She’s beautiful, why would she not want to live? If she was ugly, maybe it’d be more understandable.’ This is the message the media gives to young girls, those same young girls that are vulnerable and insecure and maybe too thinking of ending it all.”

Jessica makes a very good point. Teen suicides happen all the time all over the U.S. for various reasons. This type of suicide seems to be common- so why the extensive publicity?

An opposing view says that the articles about the track star’s suicide are making a point that even popular, attractive people have anxiety and feelings of depression. Not just the “unattractive”, bullied loners suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Depression and suicide can strike anyone no matter what race, gender, age, or level of popularity. This is why suicide prevention and awareness is so important.

For suicide prevention and help you can go to



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