Who’s Justin Beiber?

As many of you have probably seen in the news, Justin Beiber has been getting into a lot of trouble. About a year ago, Beiber was turned in to police for aggravated assault on a limo driver. On January 23, Beiber was arrested for a DUI and drag racing in Miami. Just today, Beiber’s private plane was held in Teterboro Airport in New Jersey because of suspicion that marijuana was on board. Justin Beiber being Justin Beiber, of course, got away with this.

Though the idea of Justin Beiber carrying drugs across the country and getting away with it may not infuriate some people; the idea that he basically got away with a DUI and drag racing would most likely do the trick.

Many people across the country, including some of you who read this post, may have lost someone in a drunk driving accident. Seeing the large fan following of “Beliebers” support Justin’s poor decision is downright disturbing. On twitter, #freebeiber was trending which goes to show how ignorant the youth of America is today.

How have we turned into a country that supports celebrities’ terrible decisions by giving them the publicity they’re looking for? Just because someone has money and fame doesn’t give them an excuse to put others in danger. They do not have priority nor superiority over other civilians in this country.

There is currently a petition to deport Justin Beiber.






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