Heroin: No One is Invincible

The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has left many fans in shock this past week. The 46-year-old actor died Sunday, Feb 2 from an apparent drug overdose.

Juliana Luchkiw, Max Rosenblum, Thomas Cushman and Robert Vineberg were all arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance, yet there is no direct link to this being the cause of the actor’s death. The types of heroin that these four carried were not the same brand as the type Hoffman had in his apartment.

Hoffman was found on the floor of his bathroom in his New York City apartment. A syringe was still in his arm when police arrived at the scene. Police found numerous syringes, prescription drugs and around 50 envelopes that contained heroin in the apartment.

Police found that Hoffman’s heroin was missing the ingredient Fentanyl which is commonly found in heroin. This is the ingredient that is known to be the cause of death for abusers.

In interviews last year, Hoffman had told interviewees that he had a heroin problem despite all of the rehabilitation visits.

Hoffman’s private memorial burial service is set for the end of this month.

Now the controversy over this news that I’ve noticed has been that people either show respect or publicly show that they don’t care. This connects to one of my previous articles about the college track star who committed suicide. Heroin addicts die all the time, why does it make a difference that this certain individual died?

This individual, Philip Seymour Hoffman, starred in numerous films and has many awards to prove that he was a great actor. I think the purpose of making his death so public is a combination of both his fame and to spread awareness. His death stretches into the boundaries of heroin addiction and the consequences that follow. The publicity is driven by this hope that current drug addicts will see no one is invincible- not even an award-winning actor.

Heroin abuse is still an ongoing problem today. If you or a person you know seeks help there are many organizations that are here to help.





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