Deadly Drinking Game Goes Viral

A new craze has been spreading across the U.K. and will soon hit the U.S. The deadly drinking game, Neknomination, has resulted in deaths in several different countries. The point of this game is to “neck”, or to drink all at once, a whole glass of any type of alcohol. Some people have been seen adding dead animals, dog food and engine oil to their drinks. After chugging the drink, the person then calls out a few names of people he or she “nominates” to do the challenge next. This video, of course, is shared on Facebook for all to see. If the nominated persons do not follow through with the challenge, they get teased and humiliated through social networking. The game is getting out of hand fast.

The game is stupid. Most people would agree on that. The issue is that young adults have the need to impress others and have a certain level of superiority that they hold themselves to. Once they are called out in front of all their friends, friends of friends and the people they’ve never actually met in person, they are bound to accept the challenge. People don’t want to appear inferior to others, or simply put- a wimp.

Now what can we do to stop this dangerous behavior? Saying that people have died from Neknomination is not enough. Texting and driving kills thousands every year, yet more than thousands of people continue to do it. Simply stating that something is wrong and giving evidence to prove it is not enough. What could be enough, maybe, is the 18-25 year-old population choosing to not participate. Sharing links on Facebook of stories and obituaries of those who have died. It could be as little as not “liking” or commenting on a Neknomination video that someone posted. Once people see that this game is not cool and once it does not receive the attention that it thrives on, it will vanish.

Adults will try as they must to put a stop to the deadly drinking game, but the road to the solution starts with the age group that is involved.

What are your thoughts on stopping the drinking game? Is it wrong or is it just another typical college student game?

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