Bates Student Found Dead In Italy

The body of a Bates College student has been found in Rome, Italy today. John Durkin of Rye, NH traveled to Italy for a semester abroad and had been there for a month or so before his disappearance. He was last seen at the bar Sloppy Sam’s which is in a collegiate neighborhood in Rome. Durkin was with a group of friends at the bar who later left to go back to the dormitories while Durkin stayed at the bar. His body was found today in a railroad tunnel in central Rome.

John Durkin

John Durkin, 21, was a linebacker on the football team at Bates College in Maine. In such a close community, his death has shaken the state of Maine and his home in New Hampshire.

As with any terrible incident such as this one, there is always something that we can take away from it and learn from. Could this incident have been prevented if the study abroad program kept a better eye on its students? Maybe if the “buddy system” was enforced it could have saved Durkin’s life. Something I have lived by is that you should always bring a friend or group of friends with you when in an area you are not well-acquainted with. This is especially true if you were to be in a different country. I wish that this was the case on the night of Durkin’s disappearance.

This is shocking and terrible news. Condolences go to the Durkin family during this horribly tough time.


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