Man Awakes Inside Body Bag

This is a crazy, bizarre story that I really hope doesn’t happen too often.

Walter Williams, 78, was about to be embalmed at Porter and Sons Funeral Home in Mississippi when a worker noticed the body starting to move. Workers rushed Williams to the hospital where he is alive and well.

The family of Walter Williams believes this incident to be a miracle and a gift from God. There have not yet been any medical explanations for the event. Family and doctors don’t know how much longer Williams has to live, but they are just happy having him alive right now.


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This story seems to have come from a horror novel. It doesn’t seem realistic because one would think coroners wouldn’t let something like this happen. When funeral workers and coroners arrived at the scene, they checked Williams’ pulse and pronounced him dead.

A bigger part of this story is the family of Walter Williams. I can’t imagine hearing that a family member of mine just died, then receiving a phone call from the hospital saying that they are alive again. It’s a miracle, yet it seems to be the fault of the coroner. The emotional distress that the family went through because of this incident seems to be overlooked.

Was it the fault of the coroner? Or do you believe that Williams was actually dead at the scene? Answer the poll below.


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