Jay Z Sued $600M Over Brooklyn Nets Trademark

Rapper Jay Z has 99 problems and a $600 million lawsuit happens to be one of them. Dr. Francois de Cassagnol is suing the rapper for trademark violations regarding the Brooklyn Nets. De Cassagnol says that Jay Z, the NBA and developer Bruce Ratner found loopholes to get the team’s name. Apparently Dr. de Cassagnol came up with the name “Brooklyn Nets” years ago in Louisiana. He also states that he met with officials who said that they would not use the name “Brooklyn Nets”. Francois de Cassagnol is suing Jay Z for more than the rapper’s net worth.

jay z sued over brooklyn nets name

Photo Credit: Getty Images

About half a billion dollars seems a little hopeful, but Francois de Cassagnol will most likely get a large sum of money from the lawsuit. XXL Magazine wrote a brief article about the case saying the doctor put in an application for the Nets trademark while the team was transitioning from New Jersey to New York. They say he planned this scheme so he could make some hard cash.






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