Time for Some Good News

The bombings, shootings, riots and just about every other piece of breaking news you see on TV or the Internet have gotten to be almost normal. It’s alarming to sit back and actually look at everything we read and see that we have been desensitized to all of the horrible things that go on around the world and even in our own communities.

I have recently had this thought and it concerned me. Where has all the good news gone? The only thing close to “good news” that I’ve seen are the viral videos spread across my Facebook Newsfeed.

I took it upon myself to do a bit of research to see where I can find some legit, nice news.

The Good News Network has been an incredible source for positive news stories since 1997. The website tells us that in the 90’s, national homicide rates declined by 42 percent, yet in the news, stories of murders increased by 700 percent. What does this tell about us as a nation? That we only want to be informed about pessimistic news? To be a truly informed society, we need to be knowledgeable of all angles of news.

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People assume that with certain topics, there can be no positive angle or “good side” of the story. The Good News Network disproves this by having all sorts of topics that you can choose, ranging from U.S., world, health and business. Something that really resonates the goal behind the network is the Uplift section. This section contains categories such as Heroes, Kids, Good Ideas and Good Laugh.

The idea behind the network is so simple, yet so revolutionary. We need this type of news source because it informs us on stories that are neglected in more popular news sites (CNN, BBC, Yahoo News, etc.)

Some popular news sources do indeed provide relatively positive news, but these aren’t the headlines you see on the front page. A great part about The Good News Network is that it finds these types of stories on websites such as CNN and MSNBC and links you to the articles.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts on the website or post your favorite stories! Make sure to share your favorites on your social media accounts to spread the word of The Good News Network.

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