Mike The (in-a-not-so-great) Situation

You may remember him from The Jersey Shore, you know, the one who’s really tan and wears hair gel? Mike ‘The Situation’ has been indicted for not paying taxes on about $8.9 million in income.

The indictment says that Mike Sorrentino, 32, is accused of buying luxury vehicles and clothing as personal expenses when he wrote them off as business expenses.

This situation (heh) could send Mike to prison for up to 11 years. The potential fines are over $600,000, according to NJ.com.

Sorrentino’s attorney has recently pleaded not guilty on Sorrentino’s behalf. The Situation has been released on an unsecured bond of $250,000.

The attorney, Christopher Adams, has said that the charges are false and “it’s unfortunate that the government is relying on the word of a disgraced accountant who is a proven liar” according to Yahoo News.

Mike’s brother is also involved with this case.

Marc Sorrentino is being charged, as Mike’s manager, for the same conspiracy charges and faces up to 14 years in prison.

After being released on the unsecured bond, Mike Sorrentino told NJ.com, “The situation will sort itself out.”

His puns are better than mine.




Image: Free Digital Images iosphere


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