Mrs. Berry’s Daughter

For as long as I can remember, I have been “Mrs. Berry’s daughter”. Let me describe to you what this means exactly.

  • An entire school faculty has seen me in diapers- and continues to remind me of that image every time I see them.
  • An entire school faculty knows exactly who I am and I probably recognize two or three of them.
  • When I’m approached by said faculty, I smile thinking, “Wow this person definitely knows all about my school life, relationship and probably what I ate for breakfast this morning.”

And that’s just what happens when I enter the elementary school building.

Growing up with a Teacher Mom:

  •  I always had homework in on time. I don’t think I even had a choice for late work. Now that I’m in college- Mom, help me out.
  • I was always read to when it was bedtime. What even is TV?
  • Going to the local teacher supply store was a weekly occurrence. But hey, at least we got ice cream on the way.

But it gets even deeper than that.

  • There was always food on the table, regardless of how much money was in the bank.
  • When the recession hit, my mother didn’t think twice about getting a second job. She didn’t think about herself- only her family.
  • Whether she got home at 5 p.m. or 11 p.m. she still made time for games, meets and tournaments.

Having a mom who is a teacher changes your whole perspective of life. Since day one, I’ve had a role model who is a hard worker who doesn’t do it for the pay. She does something that she loves every day and is damn good at it.

So on this day, World Teachers’ Day, I have to look back and think about how much my mother being a teacher has affected my life. I have learned to appreciate what I have, work hard for what I love and to make a difference in the lives of others.


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